19.04.2014  19uhr
ein performativer abend mit veronika goetz, ines kiefer, rebecca silow, melina toelle
/ Try to stab me/ a bleeding cunt is good only when you account for it. Penetrable parts and not so penetrable ones, clearly there is a distinction. I name it. Cunt. Holes. Flesh. Maggots and the rotten smell. Eyes, even. I name it. Part by part. Penetrable. And not so penetrable. You can fuck them all.  Cock wants different, of course. Never just a part.  It wants the whore as a whole. cock wants to own: The infinitely penetrable. Cock wants to win by death.  Captured victory, as such.  Penetrate . Contain. Contaminate . Thats what daddy asks for. Contamination. Nothing is aseptic about this kind of white.  makes  him come just by the thought. I want to make you come  Only. I defeat the holistic, by offering parts .  I dont care. Cunt.  is all that matters .  take a look. Closer. Take a closer.  look. I promise, you are going to pay for it.