Der Laden ist weg. Laden goes Florida


24.05.2013 20 Uhr

Bei meinen Circuit-Bending-Experimenten versuche ich einerseits, die klanglichen Möglichkeiten bestehender Musikinstrumente zu erweitern. Weitaus spannender aber finde ich die Tatsache, dass man dabei auch den Geist in der Maschine zum Leben erwecken kann.
Gewisse Modifikationen veranlassen die Instrumente, selbsständig zufällige Melodiemuster und Klangstrukturen zu generieren.
Diese einzigartigen Klangverläufe und Rhythmusstrukturen, die selten bis nie wiederhohlbar sind werden von den Maschinen ohne mein Zutun erzeugt. Meine einzige Kontrolle über das Geschehen ist das Dirigieren, das Aktivieren und Deaktivieren der Kurzschlüsse.
Im Laufe der Zeit habe ich mir ein kleines Ensemble an modifizierten Instrumenten gebaut und spiele mit diesen improvisierte Konzerte.
Die Musik, die dabei entsteht lässt sich mit den Begriffen Ambient, Psychedelic oder Experimentielle Elektronika beschreiben.

During my Experiments in Circuit Bending – in this vast field of possibilities – I discovered connections inside some instruments forcing them to create streams of music at random and patterns of unexpected sounds. By closing this connections the machines deliver me, whatever they want to. They surprise me and I have to deal with the result. For me this is very fascinating. I like very much waking up the ghost in the machine. So I made me a little ensemble of keyboards that I call “Autonomous Orchestra”. This collection of machines plays its unpredictable universe of sound. I act as the conductor of this orchestra by choosing and activating the circuits. With these instruments I improvise and arrange beautiful, strange and harsh soundscapes.

Anguish Language

20-27 May, 2014

Anguish Language is a project which approaches language as a core aspect of the present social crisis. Participants include musicians, hackers, performance artists, poets, literary scholars, writers and artists. Participants will discuss and construct practices of ‘crisis literature’ through political philosophy, walks, code, poetry, drawing, writing experiments and performance. The results of the symposium will be compiled and edited into a publication to be launched in late 2014.

John Cunningham, Danny Hayward, Anke Hennig, Martin Howse, Anthony Iles, Suzanne Goldenberg, Karolin Meunier, Mattin, Jacob-Bard Rosenberg, Marina Vishmidt, Wealth of Negations.

Organised by Anthony Iles

Book Description

Developing work presented at the Anguish Language workshop we have asked contributors to submit work related to their presentations and readings. In some cases this consists of texts generated during the workshops themselves, poems and drawings executed in relation to the presented work, essays developing spoken presentations and documentation of performances staged during the week-long workshop.

Anguish Language Lothringer 13 Laden, Munich 20-27 May, 2014

Editorial Process and Design

In May four editors (John Cunningham, Anthony Iles, Marina Vishmidt and Mira Mattar) of the book will meet in Munich at Lothringer 13 Laden to edit and re-work the content of the book together over four intensive working intensive days. This process will produce the finished copy and a number of layout and typographic experiments from which the designer would finally work from in the course of laying out the book.


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